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What In The World Are We?

We are a colour design studio in Melbourne, founded by Colour Consultant, Melinda Stead. At Colour Designs we offer interior and exterior colour selections for residential and commercial spaces. Nifty, huh? We thought so too! Created to collaborate with YOU; we want to create the perfect paint and material palette for your space.​

Too white, too warm? Too dark, too cold? Too gloss or not?

You’re not alone if you don’t know what colours or finishes to use in your space. Colour Designs exists to make decisions surrounding colour choices easier. Why make what you’re looking for mission impossible? There are many elements surrounding your home or business that affect the way a colour can look: lighting (both natural and artificial,) surface textures, surroundings and much more. At Colour Designs we take all of these aspects into consideration when selecting paint and material colour schemes. Our consulting service will help you find the right colour combination to make your vision come to life.

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